January 7, 2015

Overpriced cable company sues overpriced headphones company

Gizmodo has a great 2013 article that tells the Beats vs Monster Inc. saga in more detail. Check it out HERE
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January 2, 2015

Get rekt college textbook cartels

Occupy the Bookstore is a neat extension for Chrome that overlays pricing from Amazon and other retailers above your college bookstore's page. Now you can know exactly how much the highway robbers of academia are gouging you for. Read more!

December 19, 2014

Jonestown Tapes

You could always go on Youtube but the site linked below has transcripts and audio files for the entire collection of tapes that were found at Jonestown.

The infamous "Death Tape" recording itself is completely heartbreaking and there's pretty much only one person who speaks up against Jones (Christine Miller).

There is also the "November 19th" tape that was recorded AFTER everyone died at Jonestown. If you dig around that site you'll see there are theories that perhaps Jones and his cohorts survived the night and then killed themselves later, to even more twisted conspiracies including everyone's favorite, the CIA.

There are also more mundane tapes such as audio recordings of sermons, popular music, and other material detailing their daily lives as well as lots of recordings of the cult leader Jim Jones. Some of the recordings sound even creepier because they have been recorded over but you can still hear the remnants of the original, giving it a ghostly quality. This is already creepy enough!

Check it out here: http://jonestown.sdsu.edu/
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CM Punk does the sports interview circuit, encounters a bag of dicks on the way there

Landsberg does not get a good interview, nor does he give a good one himself. Link to full interview after the jump (->) http://www.tsn.ca/video/otr-cm-punk-squares-off-with-michael-landsberg-1.163275 Read more!

Cuba (1960 Documentary)

Cuba is one of the early prototypes for the USA handling Latin American revolutionary movements post-world power status.

It gets really bloody and disturbing after this tiny socialist "victory" so to call any of the recent events a success story by the Castro regime is hilariously tragic.

Loads of insight and great footage of 1950s Cuba in this old American documentary. Read more!